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HTML5 is considered as the fifth revision standard of HTML. It actually offers the powerful new multimedia and interactive capabilities such as style control, illustration tools, video, audio, and rich media solutions. HTML5 is considered as an ideal solution for cross platform mobile applications, smart phones, and tablets.

Devwings is one of the pioneers that blends the implementation of HTML5 and CSS3 application design as well as development services in order to stay ahead of the ever-evolving web technology landscape.

We actually set a perfect balance that combines the strengths of implementing latest advances in technology with clean and user friendly interface for creating better user experience without compromising on presenting the business goals and objectives of your company.


XHTML stands for EXtensible HyperText Markup Language. It is almost identical to HTML 4.01. You can call it as a stricter and cleaner version of HTML 4.01. It is also supported by all major browsers. XHTML is actually an application of XML. It is a very flexible markup language framework. The team Devwings offers custom XHTML development service to its customers. The experts of Devwings assures validity consistency in document code, which in turn eases processing, but does not necessarily ensure consistent rendering by browsers.

Web 2.0

Devwings is a team of experienced web 2.0 design professionals who have developed a broad range of web 2.0 interfaces and User Interface Designs during the past few years. Our team has the experience and skills to increase adoption rate of your application and keep your visitors coming back.

The team Devwings offers custom XHTML development service to its customers. The experts of Devwings assures validity consistency in document code, which in turn eases processing, but does not necessarily ensure consistent rendering by browsers.

Photoshop Designing

The designer team of Devwings offers creativity, measureless experience, and in-depth expertise regarding the Photoshop designing. Photoshop (PSD) Design generally involves graphical designing using the Adobe Photoshop software application to design websites and web pages. Actually PSD is the name of the file format that the Photoshop software saves its files in.

When you are developing websites and need help with Photoshop design (PSD Design) work then you have come to the right place. You can just give Devwings a call and hire the expert Photoshop designers in order to create your website. When we undertake a project, our experts and the project coordinators can help you working together to create prosperous graphics.

Website Designing (PSD+Html)

Having a professional and great looking website can make your business a successful attempt in the long run. The website is the representative of your own business and it says about your business. This is the reason you need to design your website properly.

The professional web designers of Devwings have a passion and expertise for helping all types of organizations, groups, and businesses look professional and strategize with the entity to help develop advanced visitor flow tactics.

Our web designers PSD and HTML web designing services in an affordable rate. When you want a sleek, friendly, professional appearance, but don’t have the corporate budget Devwings is there to help. Our web designers have a proven track record of success and always love hearing your web design plans.

Logo Designing

Devwings offers you affordable and creative logo design service. You can easily get a custom design logo from Devwings at the most affordable rate in the market. Our community of talented designers will compete to create a professional logo you love, or your money back!

With a custom business logo, your brand will stand on its own. With the custom logo design option, you'll see your design concepts in a few days. On average, logo design contests receive 100 concepts and you’ll have full control of the design process, providing feedback to the logo designers.

If you’re looking for a new logo design, Devwings is just the place for that. Through our unique 3 step logo maker, you'll design your logo for free in as little as 5 minutes. Creating a unique logo design with Devwings is fast, simple and secure.

Flash banner design

Flash design can be used to create moving elements, which are then embedded within your Web site to add an edge to the overall image and effectiveness of your design and message. A flash banner or flash based menu can always give a professional and interactive feel to your website without distracting your site visitor.

The Flash design team of Devwings is proficient at creating fascinating Web site flash banners, CDs/DVDs, trade show presentations, digital signs and displays. Our Flash experts deliver your marketing message to your target spectators with utmost impact with a flash banner. Our graphics designers are adept at creating attention-grabbing Flash presentations that incorporate sound and voice.